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Structured Wiring Network Installations, Phone System, Lan Installs, Voip, Network Wiring (Data Cat5e / Cat6), Phone Line Wiring Repair (ext's too), Coax cabling (Digital TV RG-6), Dsl, T1. Call Now For A Free "Over the Phone/Email" Estimate or Bid!
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Structured Wiring Image Gallery
Shaun's Telecom Located in San Diego Can Install and Service Your Structured Network Wiring / Cabling!
Please Contact Us Now!
Structured Wiring Slide Show
This is a picture of Structured Wiring in Mid-Construction. (2) 48 Port Patch Panels on a Data Rack that has been securely anchored to the floor with bolts and the wall with Ladder Rack and a Wall Anchoring Kit. This secures the rack for our next earthquake. The spaces between is where Wire Management will later be installed. 48 Dressed Cables come through a 4" Sleeve that is secured to the wall above the CeilingTiles.
Zip Ties secure the cable to the rack and keep it dressed. We also use Velcro for this. Although
you cannot see it, we Ground our racks to protect your Equipment.
This picture below consists of (2) data racks side by side with (1) 48 Port Patch Panel and has
been securely Anchored to the floor with bolts and the wall with ladder rack and wall anchoring kit.
No Structured Wiring is present as this is just the beginning of a Data Center Build Out
This picture below shows a completed Phone System Install with some Structured Wiring. It consists of a Backboard, Phone System, and Cabling coming down the side wall to the 66 Blocks.
This picture contains a Cat6 (16) Port Patch Panel, a bizfon phone system, (2) 66 Blocks with brackets, a Dsl Filter, a shelf containing a Linksys Router with an 8-Port Switch, Dsl Modem and Power Surge Protector / Back Up Battery Source.
This picture below shows an example of a completed Speaker Install in Ceiling Tile.
This picture below shows a very Basic Small Office Install with Structured Wiring before a Phone System is present. You have a 66 Block on left for Phone, a Map of Locations in the Office in the center,
and a Vertical 12 Port Mini Patch Panel for Data.
This Photo Image is of a Cat5e 24-port Patch Panel with a Swing Gate Bracket. The Cat5e Cable is coming from the Drop Ceiling and wrapped with Black Velcro.

This picture shows a completed location of a 2-Port White Faceplate with (2) Blue Cat5e Jacks.

Shaun's Telecom Located in San Diego Can Install and Service Your Structured Network Wiring / Cabling
Please Contact Us Now!