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"Now Servicing All of San Diego County! Shaun's Telecom is Insured! Call the Tech Line Now!!!" (619)559-0985

Structured Wiring Network Installations, Phone System, Lan Installs, Voip, Network Wiring (Data Cat5e / Cat6), Phone Line Wiring Repair (ext's too), Coax cabling (Digital TV RG-6), Dsl, T1. Call Now For A Free "Over the Phone/Email" Estimate or Bid!
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Phone Wiring Installation & Repair  

           Licensed and Insured!!!


 Contact: Tech Line 619-559-0985

License: 946722

Moving to a new location or adding phone lines to your house or Business??? 

Lost Dialtone? Need Phone line, Phone Jack repair or physical phone replacement or repair? Having issues with one or many lines??? Static on the phone line???

Call me now so i can give you a free quote over the phone or in person.


Shaun's Telecom in San Diego can "Repair", "hook up", "connect", "activate", or "tie down" dialtone or Dsl and T1 service your new Phone, Dedicated fax lines & Inside Wiring for your Network. We fix Phone Jacks and Phones No job too small or large.


I, also, install phone and data jacks from scratch for new or existing Home residential wiring applications, Commercial wiring, and Industrial phone installation For all of San Diego. We repair anything phone, Phone Jacks or any wires! Shaun's Telecom has over a decade of experience connecting phone systems and phone lines and phone jacks. All within San Diego County 




Understanding Inside Wiring and CrossConnect


When you get service with a service provider, they will come out and get you set up with their service at what is called the Mpoe (main point of entry) of the Building. Most Phone Companies in San Diego do not "Extend" or activate the phone lines dial tone or "Tie down" your dialtone into your suite or house. If they do, It's very expensive, or you'll get lucky and they will do it for free, as part of setting up service with them. If they don't, that's where we come in. I can "Hook up", "activate", or "Tie down" your cabling or "Crossconnect" and your phone and/or network wiring for dsl, t1, or regular Analog or Digital phone service and get you "live" inside your office, at the phonejack you want or a brand new phone jack location. If there is no cabling to your suite, I can "pull"  or install what's called feed Cables, 25 Pair or 100 pair cabling, as well, to your Floor and into your office. Additionally, we can install any inside wiring if needed for your Custom Network Wiring for your Office or Home.




Hours of operation


My Hours can sometimes be Flexible.I, generally, am open from 8am to 4pm Monday thru friday.